About the short film, Consequence

The story

Consequence, the Doll Chronicles is a story about the consequences of falling in love with the wrong man, and making some wrong choices. Doll is a girl having drinks with her friends at a holiday bar. She meets Ken and falls in love. He introduces her to drugs and consequences ensue.

The Doll Chronicles

A few years ago, Núria Garcia, Emma Saura Woods, and myself were having a few beers when Núria made a random comment about throwing a Barbie doll off the balcony and having it be a real girl when she landed. Emma and I thought it could be cool to film a story that could capture that, and what we now call The Doll Chronicles was born.

Since we had no budget whatsoever, I thought it would be clever to call our little production, Producciones Tecatas, which literally translates to cheap productions in Puerto Rican Spanish. The name now has further significance in that three stories have been produced the “Tecato” way, and we feel satisfied we’ve been able to create something beautiful and express these stories with extremely limited resources, using whatever is available, whether it be a point and shoot camera or a bunch of house lamps to light a scene.

The first story we did, Reaction, was very much in line with Núria’s random comment, in that it literally includes that symbology, although my original story about the birth of a serial killer became more of an abstract experiment in the end. Still, I wanted to tell all kinds of stories, and I thought of the doll, both physical in the woman and in the doll, as a metaphor that could be adapted to a number of situations. So how about if we put a doll in this situation or that situation? We could tell the story of a horror Barbie doll, or a drugged up Barbie doll, or whatever. Reaction was the experiment, Paranoia was the concept, and Consequence, the Doll Chronicles is the execution of my vision for telling these stories. The use of the doll varies from story to story, and in the case of Consequence, it only appears briefly as a direct metaphor to what’s happening in that moment of the story.

The format of these short films is silent, with music and sounds replacing the dialog and attempting to keep the mood and flow of the story, something that became more complicated with Consequence, since the music needs were much more complex. In the end, one can only hope that the audience is entertained and satisfied with what they’ve experienced… warts and all.

We had a lot of fun making this film, and we hope you enjoy it.

Franco Esteve